NT-CODE Policy

For The sake of unifying medical equipment information Categories, Equipment, Brands and Models New Track has developed NT-CODE that shall be a unique number originated from one Source and one Organization.
After Signing protocol with ministry of healthcare in Egypt regarding have a standard database for unifying medical equipment information .
NT-CODE is a unique code to prevent duplication and assist in centralized information among all governmental hospital, and this code shall be used later to be used among all hospitals in Egypt governmental and private hospitals as well..
NT-CODE is not just to be used by medical equipment info, New Track has developed EUCSIS system to generate that NT-CODE for Hospitals and medical companies in Egypt to help medical organization and hospitals to unify there data
The idea of NT-CODE is to be general and universal code that work not only in Egypt but can be applicable all over the world.
NT CODE has the following serials

  • Category
    101 ~ 199
  • equipment name
    20001 ~ 29999
  • brand
    300001 ~ 399999
  • Medical equipment model
    *(Category) - *(Equipment name) - *(Brand) -400000001 ~ 499999999
  • Medical Companies
    50001 ~ 59999
  • Hospitals
    60001 ~ 69999
  • Medical specification
    *(category) - *(equipment name) -70001 ~ 79999
  • Tenders
    RFP - (Current Year) -800001 ~ 899999